Fond memories, but not of the building itself

To the Editor:

I called Broadway Elementary “home” for 18 years as the principal in the building since 1997. I have very fond memories of my time spent there. I called it home because of the amazing people who made it a special place to serve kids. The staff cared deeply for each other and each student who attended there. It also was special because of the “awesome” kids who walked in the doors every day. If you didn’t notice, my favorite part of every day at Broadway was opening the doors and greeting the kids coming to school. I have incredible fondness for the people who make up Broadway Elementary School.

Now, the building doesn’t bring to mind such amazing memories and fondness. The memory of being in a building that is really hot in the late spring and early fall and anyone’s guess what temperature in the winter, is not pleasant. The temperature is controlled mainly by opening and closing windows. This is simply due to the age of the building. There are a few other issues that one probably wouldn’t know without being in the building. Here is a short list of what could be a long list: long metal bars running through the building and bolted outside to hold the walls together; urinals that are blocked due to an issue in the tunnel that is full of asbestos and can’t be fixed without huge expense; electrical systems that are outdated and can’t handle the demands of today’s classroom; windows that allow wind chill factors inside the building; leaks in classrooms, and this is only a partial list.

I will say again, I loved my days at Broadway because Broadway to me means staff, parents and kids with whom I have built relationships. Incredible teaching and learning has taken place in that building, but I think the kids of Tipp City deserve something really special. In my opinion, a new, safe and very functional school would be just that “something special for the kids”!

“Mr. G,” Galen Gingerich

Tipp City