Reece suited for the job

To The Editor:

Last week my grandson asked, “Why do you have a sign in your yard that says: R•E•E•C•E?”

We explained that the person with the last name Reece was a very good friend and he would like everyone to vote for him for Sheriff. My grandsons immediately started talking about how my friend would be able to go around and pick up all the bad guys in the sheriff car. And that’s when it hit me. They were exactly right! We need my friend, Paul Reece to go around and pick up all the bad guys.

He is the best man suited for the job. He has experience with the Miami County Sheriff, the Montgomery County Sheriff, he is serving as the U.S. Army Reserve Commander of the 375 th Criminal Investigation Division in Columbus, served as a chief warrant officer at the Pentagon, he served in Cuba at Guantanamo Bay, and he has taken several tours to Afghanistan to fight some of the baddest guys there are in the world!

I am proud to say he is my friend and he is the right man for Miami County! He understands the procedures on a working sheriff’s office, he can lead men with training and authority, and he has been cleared on security clearance at the highest level, and fought for our freedom when those of us couldn’t. He has been endorsed by several organizations including the Citizens for Community Values Action of Miami County, the Miami County Republican PAC, and is the only candidate to be endorsed by a Fraternal Order of Police organization.

Please vote for Paul Reece for the next Miami County Sheriff.

— Brad Havenar