Reece called to serve as sheriff

To The Editor:

A recent survey reveals that people who have jobs to serve others are the most satisfied group of workers. They serve because they feel they have been called to take on whatever that group of people need. They do it for the satisfaction of a job well done and it usually has helped the person(s) be better.

We are writing to let you readers know of a person who has been called to serve the people of Miami County. He has already served his country and laid down his life many times for all of us and our freedom. Paul Reece is running for Miami County Sheriff.

We want to encourage you to vote for him. We also want to remind the veterans that we took on the last two trips to Washington, D.C., that he is the officer that was able to get a flag to fly over the Pentagon for all of those veterans of Miami County, as well as a coin of appreciation.

He uses each day as another opportunity to serve. He has served for the Miami County Sheriff, the Montgomery County Sheriff, as a chief warrant officer at the Pentagon, six tours to Afghanistan along with Cuba at Guantanamo Bay.

He is currently serving as U.S. Army Reserve Commander in Columbus.

Reminds us of the words from the famous Greek poet, Homer: “He serves me most, who serves his country best. He has served us, now it’s time for us to serve him.”

Please vote for Paul Reece for Miami County Sheriff.

— Jeanne Hill and Glenn Devers

Founders of Mission: Veterans to DC