Reece’s experience an asset

To the Editor:

As a former Miami County Commissioner, I’ve seen a lot of candidates come and go during election time.

This election, there are lots of people running for office, and one of them I particularly like.

Paul Reece is running for sheriff. I’ve met with him a couple of times, and I like him for a couple of reasons. His resume looks really good. Trust is a very important quality that Paul certainly has. Paul has a lot of good experience that would be an asset here in the county, and he is smart, too.

It’s not every day that someone with his background gets involved in politics, but I’m glad he did. If he was good enough to be chosen to protect the Secretary of Defense and other high-ranking VIPs, then he can be trusted to look out for me and my wife Mary Lou, and you, too.

As a lifelong business owner and former Miami County Commissioner, I’ve worked with Democrats and Republican office holders, and together we got a lot done.

I asked Paul what it’s like being a Republican. He explained that he’s running as a Republican, but that as the sheriff he would serve all people. That’s what we need.

I encourage you to get behind Paul Reece for sheriff.

— Lou Havenar