Kendell deserves to stay in position

To the Editor:

I would like to start this letter by thanking the good people of Miami County for allowing me to serve you for over 30 years in the county treasurer’s office.

During my terms as County Treasurer I worked directly with all the other county elected officials and staff. I got to know each, on a one to one basis and I can tell you without hesitation Anthony “Tony” Kendell has earned the right to be re-elected as our County Prosecutor.

I have known and worked with Tony Kendell for years. Tony exemplifies what everyone desires in a public servant, but yet never seems to get.

With Tony though, we have hit the “jackpot”.

He is a man of true conservative values, his morals are beyond reproach. He has a need to serve the public and does so selflessly. His character is solid and true, he will not compromise his values to expedite certain Boards’ agendas, this in spite of their public retaliation against him.

His compassion for the victims of crime drives his relentless prosecution of criminals.

His solace comes from putting murders, rapists, child molesters and other felons in prison and off the streets of Miami County.

He has put the word on the street for all to know: “Do not come to Miami County to commit a crime, because we will find you, I will prosecute you and put you where you won’t be a risk to society”.

Tony has convicted over 6,000 adult felons during his tenure in the prosecutor’s Office.

All I can say is : Vote Tony Kendell for prosecutor on March 15 and let him continue to keep putting the “bad guys ” in jail.

Do yourself a favor and re-elect Anthony “Tony” Kendell.

— Lydia Callison

Retired Miami County Treasurer