Simmon gets vote for commissioner

To the Editor:

Upon listening to meet the candidates that was sponsored by the Leadership Troy Alumni, I am writing in support of Greg Simmons for County Commissioner. Simmons touched on a few critical items that were scoffed at by current Commissioners Richard Cultice and Jack Evans to which demonstrates specifically what Simmons exclaimed in transparency and integrity. The defiance and mindset of the incumbent commissioners was appalling and rudimentary to the vigorous perspective of current challengers and specifically Greg Simmons.

As pointed out by commissioner Cultice, his belief is that the fiscal experience he has sets him above his opponent Simmons as as result of him handling accounts of hundreds of millions of dollars. If this is the case, Cultice should run for county auditor or treasurer. Simmons brings with him a broad range of experience where he has a record of proven leadership of people and sound management of money. He brought forth the fact that not only with transparency and integrity, Miami County needs accountability. Current commissioner practices continue to sink millions of dollars into a dilapidated infrastructure such as the Miami County Safety Building. Simply “band-aids” as point out by Simmons.

Simmons pointed out that he is not a “yes” man and will not be afraid to stand up and say he disagrees with the mainstream. This too was ridiculed by Commissioner Evans, stating the opponents do not understand what the board does and “the county commission is not a legislative board, it is an administrative board.” With the broad range of professional training and vast knowledge of business and county operations that Simmons has acquired, I found this is a fallacy. However, could this be part of the honesty that was mentioned numerous times during the evening? Because honestly, how can you indicate that one does not have an understanding of what the board of county commissioners does with the level of experience in County government that Simmons has acquired. As a trained administrator, Simmons demonstrated in his closing statement that approachability is needed in administration. “People call me Greg, Pastor, Dad and Grandpa. However, if you vote for me on March 15, you can also call me commissioner.” Well Greg, you have my support.

— Paul Veneroni

Lake Havasu City, Ariz.