Issue 5 is important to schools, community

To the Editor:

I am voting for Issue 5, Tipp City School’s Bond Issue on March 15. This issue will support the building of a new Pre-K through third grade building and replace old schools.

My husband and I moved to Tipp City six years ago. We knew after many moves, this would be our forever home and the last time our children would have to move. Although we bought a house in Tipp City, we chose to enroll our elementary child in private school. Our younger children were enrolled in preschool outside of Tipp City. So although we moved here, our family invested our time and energy outside the community. We spent that time, asking neighbors and friends their opinion of Tipp City Schools. We knew we were one of few families who chose to leave Tipp City to educate our children. I was hesitant, private schools were all we knew. But even friends in Troy were informing us they would enroll their children in Tipp City Schools. I watched as neighbors were graduating from Tipp City and I was impressed by their education, character, and future plans. The message was overwhelmingly clear. Tipp City schools were strong and supported by our community.

From 2012, we have been strong advocates for Tipp City Schools — it just took time and research. But we truly chose Tipp City Schools for our children.

We currently have two children attending Broadway Elementary. I know my husband and I chose the teachers, the community, and the academics for our children when we moved them to Tipp City Schools, but we did not choose that deteriorating building. My kids will not benefit from the new school building, but our community and properties will. Our teachers and future students deserve better than the deplorable conditions that Broadway currently provides. The Ohio Facility Construction Commission cited major deficiencies. It is apparent being in the school that the need is real. Two electrical outlets per classrooms? Not ADA accessible? Asbestos? Failing plumbing and electrical systems?

The time is now. Band-Aids cannot fix the current problems. My husband and I moved from states where school levies do not decide funding. The state decides when and how much to raise taxes. We have a choice, but we need to choose a better option for Tipp City Schools. This problem cannot solve itself.

Join me in voting for Issue 5.

— Karen Kaibas