Kendell is the right person for the job

To the Editor:

I have been around law enforcement since 1985, being married to a law enforcement officer, now retired, and having been a police dispatcher myself. I know the frustrations that come with that profession as well as the good feelings of accomplishment that come with successful prosecutions of criminals. I enthusiastically endorse for Prosecuting Attorney of Miami County, Anthony E. “Tony” Kendell. Tony has been a successful prosecutor for twenty years having come up from the ranks of that office. My husband has often told me that Tony is the hardest working attorney he has ever worked with when it comes to prepping for a trial and presenting to a judge or jury, and that shows in his conviction rate.

Tony is a good, honest, and moral man. Tony does things because it is the right thing to do and not to satisfy those that have an agenda or gain favor in the political party. He is a man that really cares for victims of crimes as evidenced by the fact that he is the only prosecutor in the state of Ohio that has been appointed to sit on a board for victim’s rights by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Tony’s legal opinions and advice has saved the county and its citizen’s money in contracts and liability.

Tony is truly the people’s prosecutor and everyone should vote for him on March 15, 2016. Tony’s integrity and experience is without a doubt far beyond that of his opponent. Vote for Tony Kendell.

— Diane Taylor