Campaign on accomplishments

To the Editor:

Some citizens of this county are concerned there are candidates that may be attempting to operate their campaigns with some degree of accusations and innuendo in efforts to boost the credibility of their own qualifications. To do so not only boarders on slanderous activity, but in the minds of the voters, detrimental towards their own campaigns. For some candidates to continuously highlight the perceived and undefined charges against an opponent, it is a disservice to the other candidates and speaks volumes of their own campaign’s integrity.

To practice this policy, the campaign has an obligation to the voter to elaborate on their indictments. Without supportive evidence to their charges of innuendo, the voter should discard this candidate on the condition of the campaign’s lack of transparency, integrity, and honor of the office of which they are seeking. It is difficult enough to follow the politics of some national candidates that have established the patterns of “mouth and no message”, and one would only hope that the local political climate would stay above the fray.

Each candidate’s qualifications should consist of their own accomplishments and service, and have nothing to do with any ancestral connections nor defamatory allegations without details. If however there are personal skeletons that have direct correlations to a candidate’s character, that candidate should be forthcoming and open to the voters concerning those issues. To toss around the “I’m the only candidate …” justification needs to be addressed and clarified by the candidates, otherwise their resume is tainted with defamation and slander, without merit to their cause. I urge all candidates to please stay out of gutter politics and instead address what you can do for the citizens of Miami County.

— Thomas Daniszewski

Tipp City