House Bill still not the problem

To the Editor:

In regards to “Reader disagrees” (Letter in TDN, March 17), I would like to point out the article I submitted concerned House Bill 48. There was nothing inferring guns everywhere was not a problem. I have a copy of the article (letter) I wrote and yes, that is how it was written. House Bill 48 was not the problem. As stated in the article (letter), people breaking the law is the problem.

I do not assume anything. There is no need to point out the obvious. Young adults away from home at college will party. They have to learn on their own the price for underage drinking. As to the average age of 25 for a college graduate, yes, there are people who decide to enter college at a later date instead of straight out of high school. I happen to be one of them. There area also those who make going to college a career. At the same time, what if a school decides to allow firearms on campus? Are you going to tell your 25 year old he or she has to move to another school? Are you going to deny your young adult the means to protect themselves from rape, being beaten in a robbery or possibly murdered?

I really enjoyed your examples of people who broke the law and committed serious crimes. They should be locked away. The point is they all passed the required background checks and were licensed to carry a firearm. Tell me, do police officers, firemen, doctors and politicians ever break the law? By the way, a protection order is just a piece of paper. It it true good people can make mistakes in the name of passion, money and fame? Or do you label gun owners guilty by association> Again, I have to point out the obvious to the few who do not understand. As to the examples you pointed out, were are the CCW holders that have prevented crimes? There are many examples out there. One just recently in Tipp City.

If you go to any Attorney General’s web page, in any state that issues CCW permits, you will find a complete list of permits issued, renewed, suspended and denied. I have the most recent numbers for 2015 in Ohio. In 2015, there were 71,589 CCW permits issued in Ohio. Another 44,551 permits renewed for a total of 116,140. Where are your examples of CCW holders creating mayhem and chaos?

As for your firearm safe zones, we has seen how well that works. Dream on George, dream on!

— Gary L. Cooper