Work continues to shut down HB48

To the Editor:

Virtural Lobby Day against gun violence was held on April 15 with some great results.

More than 15 organizations and 922 individuals took action, which produced at least 1,293 calls and emails to 34 elected officials opposing HB 48 (guns everywhere) bill. Virtual Lobby Day also generated 4,645,019 Twitter impressions to say no to HB 48.

Seventy-eight percent of students who were surveyed at 15 Midwestern colleges and universities expressed opposition to concealed weapons. About 79 percent of student would not feel safe if faculty, students and visitors carried concealed handguns on campus.

About 66 percent did not feel that carrying a gun would make them less likely to be troubled by others.

Most students also believe that permitting concealed guns would increase the rate of suicides and homicides on campus.

The Ohio State University, who has a campus ban on firearms is being sued by concealed carry groups in Franklin County court.

There are several bills in committee that will make it easier for gun access, use, secrecy and to prohibit enforcement. I’m sure some of these bills will be put up for vote if HB48 is signed into law.

HB 147 (in committee) would remove requirements for training and licensing to carry a concealed handgun for individuals over the age of 21. Would allow anyone over 21 to pack a gun.

HB 142 (in committee and co-sponsored by our locate state senator). This bill would restrict our counties, cities, towns and villages from regulating firearms, similar to HB278, which removed local governments any authority to regulate fracking. There are just a few of many bills.

We need to make our Columbus politicians responsible for the unnecessary laws.

Stephen Huffman (614) 466-8114 or

Bill Beagle, (614) 466-6247,

— George Riegle