Taylor comes home

Anthony Weber | Troy Daily News Dr. Katherine Taylor receives a kiss from Cedar, a 4-month-old borzoi, after getting her heart checked Wednesday at the Troy Animal Hospital.

TROY — Katherine Taylor comes from a family of animal lovers.

She and her sister got their first official pet when she was 11, and Taylor is now a “mom” to guinea pigs Lena and Bailey and sister cats Myrtle and Phoenix.

As of May though, she now has a new title to her name: Associate veterinarian at Troy Animal Hospital and Bird Clinic.

However, her history with the hospital starts back when she was in eighth grade.

“On my first day, Dr. Peterson showed me my first spay and neuter,” she said. “It was very straightforward, but I remember that being my first job shadow day. We did both of those routines, spays and neuters that day. I remember being very young then but remembering it vividly.”

Throughout high school she shadowed at the hospital, in addition to volunteering at the Miami County Animal Shelter through National Honor Society and participating on the soccer and swim teams.

As she went to Case Western Reserve University for her undergraduate degree and Ohio State for veterinary school, Taylor said she never forgot the impact her experience shadowing had on her decision to get involved in the surgical part of the field, which she said could make a difference for an animal and its family.

“These are routine things, but the respect that we tend to get as veterinarians in the community and I saw how important our work could be,” she said. “I think that really made the difference when I was trying to choose my career path.”

Her time at the hospital so far has been brief, although she said the mentorship the veterinarians at the hospital have given her has helped speed up the learning curve.

Taylor’s services include routine exams and spays and neuters, and the hospital can perform some more advanced surgery. While she can take care of cats and dogs and most exotic animals, she said the easiest pet for her was the guinea pig.

“I’ve had them forever,” she said. “It’s really just good husbandry, taking care of these guys from an early age when you get them.”

It was always a dream of hers to come back to Troy Animal Hospital to launch her career. Taylor said of all the places she looked for a job, the hospital was in the back of her mind. She called them one day to see if they were doing any hiring, and learned they were.

“It’s home and I’m definitely thrilled to be back,” she said. “I think it’s the childhood dream that we all aspire to, and then things happen that opened up the path for me. I’ve had a lot of support at this hospital and throughout my budding career.”