Schools investigate racist comments

TIPP CITY — Tipp City school officials said that there will be an investigation into offensive comments believed to be made by students on social media.

In a statement issued by the district’s media coordinator Liz Robbins on Monday, the administration reiterated that the comments made by “fewer than a dozen” Tippecanoe High School are inappropriate and do not reflect the values of the district.

“Tipp City Schools has zero tolerance for racism, does not condone this behavior and recognizes that such comments are not acceptable,” the statement read. “We take this issue very seriously. We have begun an investigation to gather additional information, determine the nature of the situation and decide the appropriate action to take.”

Officials said they became aware over the weekend that students made “offensive racist and other derogatory comments on social media accounts.” On Saturday, Superintendent Gretta Kumpf commented on Twitter and Facebook about the situation.

According to the district, parents of the students involved have been notified and are in discussions with the district.

“It cannot be stated strongly enough that these posts contradict the core beliefs of respect, equality, and diversity that we try to teach our students,” officials said. “This situation is a reminder for all of us to encourage acceptance of one another on and off the small screen of social media. That is what our school stands for and we will not accept less.”