Brukner hosts winter party

Guest donations benefit wildlife at center

By Cody Willoughby

UNION TOWNSHIP — Brukner Nature Center has closed out a successful year with its annual “Winter Party for the Wildlife”.

The event was held on Saturday, Dec. 9 at the center, running from 2-4 p.m. The party was open to the public.

From 2-3 p.m., members of the staff offered refreshments, games, and arts and crafts to party guests, including opportunities to make treats for wildlife and visit with a few of the center’s resident critters. The entire center remained open for exhibition throughout the party.

From 3-4 p.m., the staff offered guests a guided winter tour along the Brukner Nature Center trails.

“This is a long-standing event for us,” said Becky Crow, curator of wildlife at Brukner. “This is just a great way to wrap up our year with all of our wildlife ambassadors. They are an integral part of what we do at the center. We feature them in many of our programs and events, and obviously they are a big reason why people come to the center to visit.”

The “wildlife ambassadors” to which Crow refers are the more than 50 animals who reside within the center’s various exhibits, all native to Ohio, who can no longer survive in the wild.

While there was no set fee to attend the event, the staff requested simple donations to support the facility’s many residents in 2018.

“Admission to the event today was just an item from our wishlist that benefits our wildlife ambassadors,” Crow said. “A few examples from the list are fresh fruits and vegetables, bird seed, detergent, bleach, and other cleaning products. We estimate that these guys will consume roughly 600 lbs. of fruits and veggies in a year. These donations help offset some of that cost. Anyone who is unable to attend today can still donate a wishlist item year-round, and that’s always available on our website and newsletter.”

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Guest donations benefit wildlife at center