Concord hosts school-wide art show

Over 700 pieces on display

By Cody Willoughby -

TROY — Every student at Concord Elementary got a chance to let their creativity shine as the school hosted its annual building-wide art show on Tuesday night, displaying pieces created by all of Concord’s students, grades K-5.

Parents and families were invited to accompany students to the open house free of charge.

“There are around 700 pieces in the exhibit,” said art teacher Justine Bledsoe. “Every kid in the building has at least one piece. They do their own critique of their whole portfolio, and they choose their own pieces. In some cases, they frame their own pieces. There’s mostly 2-D work, but there’s some three-dimensional work in the display case. The elementary kids’ work are all down the primary hallway, and third, fourth, and fifth grade are displayed in the cafeteria.

Bledsoe also indicated for the annual event, an official is invited to evaluate the hundreds of pieces on display, and award ribbons to those that stand out.

“We usually have a judge come,” Bledsoe said. “It’s usually another art teacher, or somebody from an art background. This year, we put ribbons on 30 pieces. It’s not really a placement award, but more of an ‘excellence in art’ award.”

Bledsoe said that the art on display is indicative of the various themes and units covered in her art classes throughout the year, and that those themes are often tiered and escalated as each student gets older.

“I do different units for different great levels, but a lot of the media progresses,” Bledsoe said. “They’ll do a project in third grade, and the next year we’ll do a different version of that same project. When I taught the embossed foil project, I was also teaching the skull foil project in the older grades, which is a more difficult version of the same process. We’re sort of scaffolding those skills year after year.”

If students and their families were unable to make the open house, time still remains to come see the school-wide exhibit.

“The open house is just kind of the kick off,” Bledsoe said. “It’ll be open all week during regular school hours.”

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Over 700 pieces on display

By Cody Willoughby