Newton BOE approves five-year forecast

By Cody Willoughby -

PLEASANT HILL — The Newton Local Schools board of education approved a proposed resolution for payment in lieu of transportation during their regularly scheduled meeting on Wednesday, Oct. 10.

Students currently attending other schools while living within the Newton Local School district are legally entitled to transportation, according to state codes, but the board ruled that such transportation is impractical for the district, due to costs of equipment, maintenance, and personnel, as well as the disruption of other transportation schedules, and infeasibility due to the number of students involved.

The board resolved to compensate parents of such students an amount that does not exceed the average cost of transportation per pupil during the immediately preceding year, as determined by the State Department of Education. All compensation will be distributed at the end of the 2018-19 school year.

The board also moved to approve the proposed resolution for the district’s five-year financial forecast, as recommended by Treasurer Nick Hamilton.

The board also approved the hiring of seven staff members as substitute personnel for the school year. Each will be paid at the adopted salary schedule and placed upon schedules at the appropriate level based on experience.

The board went on to approve a request for proposal to authorize the purchase of competitive retail natural gas services from the lowest responsible bid submitted to the Southwestern Ohio Educational Purchasing council. Bids would qualify for the period commencing July 2020, and terminating no later than June 2025.

The board also voted to approve overnight field trips for the men’s baseball team to Knoxville during the 2019 spring break, as well as for the varsity golf team to Columbus on Thursday, Oct. 11, and Friday Oct. 12.

The Newton Local School district will be seeking a tax renewal levy of .75% during the upcoming election on Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Superintendent Pat McBride, who has seen the levy renewed five times during his time with the district, stated, “We do not have any thoughts about going to the public for more money in the foreseeable future. We appreciate what we already get, and want to maintain it to continue to provide a first-rate education to our students.”

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By Cody Willoughby