‘A Berry WACO Weekend’ coming in 2019

TSF Chairman Adamson pays homage to aviation history

By Cody Willoughby - cwilloughby@aimmediamidwest.com



TROY — Ahead of the logo unveiling for the 43rd annual Troy Strawberry Festival, General Chairman Bruce Adamson proclaimed, “There’s a really good reason why we’re at WACO Air Museum tonight.”

During the special kick-off event at the museum on Thursday, “A Berry WACO Weekend” was announced as the theme for the 2019 festival, scheduled to be held Saturday, June 1, and Sunday, June 2.

“This theme is a play on words of ‘A Very Wacky Weekend,’ because I like to have fun in everything I do,” Adamson said.

Adamson has been frequently involved with the Troy Strawberry Festival since the mid-1980s, having held positions on the Arts and Crafts committee, Clubs and Organizations committee, and Chairman of Signs.

In choosing a theme for 2019, Adamson sought to pay homage to his favorite aspect of Troy history: its part in the aviation industry.

“I don’t think there’s anything that sticks for me about the history of Troy more than the WACO aircraft,” Adamson said. “The connection to the Strawberry Festival is kind of unique. The original levee site where we have all of our booths was once the take-off and landing field for WACO aircraft. They’d be built out where the Goodyear United Technologies Co. is, towed through town with wings separated, then put together and pinstriped at the flying field.”

Adamson noted that the Morris House hotel, located on South Market Street, was once dubbed the “Waiting for WACO Club” by its owners, due to all of the patrons who would gather there while waiting for their WACO airplanes.

Adamson also noted that the yellow aircraft featured in the logo is identical to an existing WACO aircraft called Sunny, which is on display at WACO Air Museum.

“The plane in this logo even features Sunny’s tail number, ‘N820WF.’” Adamson said. “The ‘820’ stands for the area above sea level. The ‘WF’ stands for ‘WACO Field.’”

“I’ve said many times that it takes good people doing good things to make a great Troy Strawberry Festival,” said Mayor Mike Beamish. “I know that Bruce has already worked very hard and will continue to work hard to make this festival a success.”

“I’ve lived a lot of places in my life, but I’ve lived in Troy longer than anywhere,” Adamson said. “I feel like Troy’s my home. I love this town.”

Adamson is taking over duties as general chairman from Eric Roetter, who served as chairman for the 2018 festival, themed “Strawberry Palooza.” This year’s festival brought in over $375,000 — the most funds ever — for Miami County non-profit organizations.

For more information, visit www.gostrawberries.com.


TSF Chairman Adamson pays homage to aviation history

By Cody Willoughby