Same band, different look

THS Marching Band unveils new uniforms

By Annie Griffith

Contributing Writer

TROY — The Troy High School Marching Band will look different next year as they continue their streak of superior ratings, earning 14 thus far at the OMEA State Marching Band Competition. The band will be sporting new uniforms from the Music Boosters program in the fall.

The Music Boosters recently donated $70,000 to the Troy High School Band through the purchase of new uniforms; they have been setting aside a fund through the Boosters Program for over ten years in order to purchase these new uniforms. The new uniforms were designed by Fred J. Miller located in Centerville.

A prototype of the new uniform was unveiled during the Troy High School December concert on Sunday night. The uniforms feature a sleek red and grey blazer, fitted black pants, and white gloves and gauntlets.

The old uniforms have been a mainstay on the football field for more than 10 years and have begun to show the wear and tear from numerous trips and shows over the years. The new uniforms have met with very positive reactions from the students in band so far.

“The new uniforms look sharp on everyone; I believe that they will look just as good on the field as they do off,” explained Drum Major Ian Lyons.

The students like the new design of the uniforms; many band members said the uniforms looked sleeker and better fitting than the previous uniforms. The marching band students are not the only ones to approve of the uniforms, the staff at Troy High School has given positive feedback as well.

“The new uniforms fit the students very well; I’m looking forward to seeing the students in the marching band wear them when it comes time for them to perform,” said Rachel Sagona, choral director for Troy High School.

The new uniforms are going to be put to good use when the band takes the field next fall, but the old marching band uniforms will not be wasted. The band directors will most likely donate the uniforms, but have not come to a final decision yet.

Molly Venneman, a band director at Troy, explained, “I am excited to see our students wearing these uniforms on the field; they fit all of the students well. These new uniforms were well worth the cost.”
THS Marching Band unveils new uniforms

Annie Griffith is a THS Trojan Tempo staff writer who marched in the band and thinks the new uniforms are much deserved.

Annie Griffith is a THS Trojan Tempo staff writer who marched in the band and thinks the new uniforms are much deserved.