Young Masters’ exhibit to close

Last weekend to view students’ art

By Annie Griffith

TROY — Local students are currently participating in the Young Masters’ art exhibit.

The program is a K-12 art exhibit at the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center.

The art show has been showcasing Troy students’ art for more almost three decades.

The exhibit, which has free admission, is open to the public and will close Sunday. There are more than 400 pieces of artwork on display from Troy City Schools, Troy Christian Schools and St. Patrick School.

The diverse art on display shows art from all grade levels. The show makes it possible to see what the young students, as well as the older students, are capable of creating.

“Having my work displayed tells me that my hard work has paid off and I made a piece of art that is the best that it could be,” said Troy High School senior Savannah Harvey, of her pastel parrot drawing at the Hayner.

This show stands out from other art shows because most exhibits limit the subject medium — the material the art can be made from — but this show has no limits. The exhibit showcases the many mediums and concepts addressed to Troy area students in their respective schools.

Some eye-catching pieces from Troy City Schools available for view include a piece by Audrey Brumfield and Sami Francis in Mrs. Cantrell’s eighth grade art class — a large 3-D moose made from paper mache and book pages.

“I obliged simply because I knew that if anyone could pull off such a large and complex sculpture, these two talented girls could. I was pleased with the result because they captured a lot of the essential details of a moose — the intricate antlers, the tall shoulders, and the drooping neck,” said Troy Junior High School art teacher Laura Cantrel.

The Hayner has made it possible for many years for these art students to receive recognition for their art projects.

“Troy schools are lucky to have the cooperation of the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center to exhibit our students’ art each year,” said Troy High School art teacher. Jill Hartman.
Last weekend to view students’ art