Pet of the Week


Meet Kash

Born on June 12, 2010, Kash is a neutered, male, brown Chihuahua dog. He is both house trained and crate trained, and is a very calm and obedient dog who will come when called; especially if he knows you are calling him to your lap to be petted and loved on. Kash is fine around other dogs, but due to a bad experance, Kash does not care for cats. Given his small size, it is not hard to figure out why that might be. Kash is also your ideal “bed buddy” who will snuggle under the blankets with you at night, and the ideal watch dog in that he will let you know if a stranger comes around your home. For more information on Kash or any of the organization’s other dogs, puppies, cats or kittens, call (937) 450-1227 or by email at Lovefourpaws@ATT.NET.