Miami County Real Estate Transfers


Matthew Burgbacher, Nicole Burgbacher to Joy Schenk, Michael Schenk, one lot, $317,900.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Lisa Pawlaczyk to Bank of America N.A, two lots, $106,800.

Harlow Builders Inc. to Angela Purdy, Jason Purdy, two lots, $385,000.

Laticha Schroyer, Allen Weidner to Joshua Reck, one lot, $0.

Joshua Reck to Anne Williams, James Williams, one lot, $146,500.

Stonebridge Meadows to NVR Inc., one lot, $56,700.

Jeffrey Webb, Lindsay Webb to Janell Tebbe, Kenneth Tebbe, two lots, $113,000.

David Smith, Tiffany Smith to David Smith, Tiffany Smith, one lot, $0.

Douglas Herzog, Kelly Jo Herzog to Abigail Greenfield, Andrew Greenfield, one lot, $356,000.

Jennifer Brown, Terry Brown to Ellis Blevins Jr., Bridget Stover, one lot, $165,000.

Quincy Butcher, Stanley Butcher, guardian to Rhonda Harger, two lots, $20,000.

Ralph Alsaca, Christine Alsace to Benjamin Crumrine, trustee, Brandi Crumrine, trustee, Crumrine Family Revocable Living Trust, one lot, $80,000.

Carl Skinner, to Brooke Vanover, Bruce Vanover, Rhonda Vanover, one lot, $72,900.

Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Chastity Payne, Nathan Payne to Terry Stamper, one lot, $84,100.

Brandon Szatkowski, Kelly Szatkowski to Nicole Burgbacher, one lot, $399,900.

Stonebridge Meadows LLC to Shannon Duffey, one lot, $173,500.

Carlisle, McNellie, Rini, Kramer & Ulrich, Federal National Mortgage Association to Amber Bellamy, Brian Bellamy, one lot, $0.

Benjamin Smith, Patricia Smith to Mark Kowalski, Zoe Kowalski, one lot, $166,900.


Cheryl Carr, David Carr, David Lemmon to Justin Dunn, two lots, $41,400.

Tari Mosbarger to Justin Dunn, two lots, $20,700.

Donald Forror, Tonya Forror to Debora Rezabek, Thomas Rezabek, one lot, $112,000.

Danny Bennett, Miami County Sheriff David Duchak to Park National Bank, Unity National Bank, one lot, $20,000.

Tamorah Walter, Thomas Walter to Brenda Felts, Terry Felts, one lot, $170,900.

Doris Yinger, Gregory Yinger, attorney in fact to Chappie’s Investments LLC, one lot, $40,500.

Mark Guenther, Patsy Guenther to Athena Investment Properties, one lot, $22,500.

Alan Miller, Jennifer Miller to Kristian Filsinger, Sarah Filsinger, one lot, $98,900.

Carolyn House, Guy House, guardian, to Kendra Bray, one lot, $135,000.

John Rohrbaugh, Mary Rohrbaugh to Jeremie Hittle, Kalette Hittle, one lot, $215,000.

Patricia Smith, Robert Smith to Christopher Smith, two lots, $0.

Frances Williamson to Trader Properties LLC, one lot, $72,000.

Barbara Stiers, C. Eric Stiers to James Szczublewski, Theresa Szczublewski, one lot, $170,000.

ABFS Mortgage Loan Trust, Bank of New York, successor, JP Morgan Chase Bank, N.A., Ocwen Loan Servicing, attorney in fact to Castlerock 2017, LLC, one lot, $15,100.

Rescom Ltd. to Tabitha Righter, one lot, $105,000.

Tracy Spurlock to Tim Langston, one lot, $30,000.


Don McAlexander, attorney in fact, Nancy McAlexander to Joel Hipp, Sandra Hipp, one lot, $120,000.

Brian Fowle, Melissa Fowle to Natalie Fowler, Timothy Grube, one lot, $185,000.

Daniel Bailey, Linda Bailey to Team Scenna Rentals LLC, one lot, $127,300.


NVR Inc. to Alfred Willis, Katherine Willis, two lots, $347,900.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $34,500.

Carriage Trails at the Heights, Dec Land Co. I LLC to NVR Inc., two lots, $44,000.

NVR Inc. to Gulnora Mursalova, Winks Investments LLC, two lots, $275,700.

Nancy Abernathy, Roger Abernathy to Steve Blevins, two lots, $250,500.

Michael Cook, Stephanie Miller to David Cassity, Trisha Cassity, two lots, $270,000.

NVR Inc. to Nicole Wallman, Steven Wallman, two lots, $284,100.

NVR Inc. to Fred Aller, Janet Aller, two lots, $248,300.


Donald Weer, Jo Ellen Weer to Jason Angle, Nichole Angle, two lots, $88,000.


Redline Property Management to Tyler Wise, two lots, $79,000.


Middlefield Banking Company to Gregory McGhee, Lindsay McGhee, one lot, $24,000.

Candace Curry, Michael Curry to Elise Schenck, two lots, $112,000.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Connie Elam to New Carlisle Federal Savings, two lots, $30,000.

Harry Ralston, Rhoda Ralston to Gregory Drown, Betty Spitler, Joseph Spitler, one lot, $45,000.

Dena Larie, Robert Larie Sr. to Robert Short, one lot, $151,500.

Edward Budurka, Lora Budurka to Andrew Wise, Kendra Wise, 5.064 acres, $82,500.


Miami County Sheriff David Duchak, Scott Shroyer, Susan Shroyer to Hilltop 45373 LLC, $138,000.

Carl Nishmura, Saori Nishmura to Jason Frank, Kelly Frank, one lot, $367,000.

Andrea Boni to Kimberely Chiulli, William Chiulli III, one lot, $265,000.


Site X Inc. to Site X,Inc. $0.

Elsie Mae Flory Trust, Elsie Mae Flory, successor trustee, John Elmer Flory Trust to Reynold Angle, 1.573 acres, $160,000.


Marilyn Hulsey to Rodz Brothers Construction, 0.861 acres, $64,000.

Talismanic Properties LLC to NVR Inc., one lot, $55,000.


Michael Ditmer, Sheryl Ditmer, Daniel Langston, Mickey Langston, Timothy Langston to Craig Underwoood, 0.717 acres, $127,000.