TJHS student caught making threat

Most recent threat written on desk

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Schools Superintendent Eric Herman confirmed a Troy Junior High School student responsible for a threatening message written on a desk at the end of the school day Wednesday has been removed from the building and classes will go on as scheduled Thursday.

It is the third threat within the school district in less than a week.

According to the One Call Now message sent to Troy Junior High School parents and guardians, Troy Junior High School Principal Dave Dilbone stated, “At the end of the school day today, we had a student report that a threat to our school was written on a desk in a classroom. At this time, we know who wrote the threat and that student has been removed from school. We also have notified the Troy Police Department. We take the safety of our students very seriously and will continue to do our best to provide a safe school environment.”

Dilbone continued to state school will go on as scheduled and appreciated the parental support. Earlier this week, Capt. Jeff Kunkleman said students responsible for the threats could face a second-degree felony charge of inducing panic and other additional charges.

Herman also said the student responsible for the Troy High School threat has not been identified. That threat was discovered last Friday and closed classes for the building as well as the junior high on Monday. The Troy Police Department is still working to locate the student responsible for that matter.

A copycat threat written on a bathroom wall of the Concord Elementary School was found on Monday. That matter was unfounded and the School Resource Officer and staff handled the incident with no disruption to the school day.

Last April, a bomb threat was written on a wall in the boys’ bathroom at the Troy Junior High and evacuated students for nearly two hours.

Most recent threat written on desk

By Melanie Yingst