Council reviews 2018 budget

Proposed expenditures include $2M renovations at Miami Shores

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Members of the city council finance committee and all members of council reviewed the 2018 proposed city budget on Wednesday.

Director of Public Service and Safety Patrick Titterington noted the three major projects for the upcoming year as the West Main Street Phase I, Miami Shores Golf Course clubhouse and grounds updates and parking lot resurfacing at Hobart Arena and the Troy Aquatic Park.

“We do have the funds to do what we need to do at this point,” said City Auditor John Frigge at the end of the session.

Additional employees will be added to the city payroll, including a facilities operator at Hobart Arena, parks department laborer, as well as filling positions due to planned retirements at the police and fire departments as they are notified.

The Miami Shores Golf Course is budgeted for a $2 million renovation. The clubhouse will be remodeled and if funds are available, a driving range, maintenance storage building and possible a putting green area could be added to the course.

At the last park commissioners meeting, director of the course Ken Green announced he will retire in March.

The Hobart Arena parking lot resurfacing project is estimated to cost $500,000 due to stormwater issues at the site. It is planned to be regraded with culverts to assist in removing the water away from the buildings in the area.

The budget also included $500,000 for design plans for the replacement or remodel of Fire Station 1. The budget notes to replace the Fire Station 1, it could cost $5 million in 2019. The station was built in 1965. Titterington said if a new building was chosen as the best option, Station 1 would be built within the same area to maximize response times in the city.

In 2018, the city will begin the reconstruction of West Main Street from Cherry Street west and continue with phase 4 of the McKaig Road project. Phase 1 of West Main Street from Cherry Street and toward I-75 is estimated to cost around $2.2 million. Phase 4 of the McKaig project from South Monroe to I-75 is estimated to cost $1.13 million.

Titterington said the intersection of Dorset and McKaig may possibly include a roundabout. Meetings with adjacent property owners have been planned and a public input meeting is planned for mid-January.

Council will review the budget at its next meeting at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 20 at City hall.

• $2 million for Miami Shores renovations

• $500,000 for Hobart Arena parking lot renovations

• $15,000 for two riverway informational kiosks at Treasure Island and Miami Shores

• $150,000 for Riverfront/Treasure Island development (general fund)

• $78,000 for wayfinding and branding, plus an additional $48,000 from a potential grant

• $25,000 for possible health clinic set up (1/5 funding from each: general fund, HR fund, tax fund, water fund and sewer fund)

• $60,000 to paint a new city logo on the new Stanfield Water tower

• $180,000 to replace High Cube vehicle, which includes hydraulic equipment

• $80,000 for fountain renovation

• $343,548 for various maintenance of water treatment facility

• $100,000 downtown/Riverfront project

• $1 million for UV Module upgrades for disinfection system at sewer treatment facility

• $15,000 for roundabout evaluation of Riverside/Staunton

• $10,000 for Washington and Wilson Road realignment preliminary layout and estimate

• $500,000 for architects and engineers to study the renovation of Fire Station 1

• $550,000 to replace 1995 fire engine

• $110,000 for Fire Station 3 maintenance of concrete

• $120,000 for annual police cruiser replacement

• $150,000 in 2018 and $150,000 in 2019 for HVAC for police department

• $243,000 automated packer trucks for refuse division

• $128,000 for dump/plow truck

• $800,000 for annual street resurfacing

• $300,000 for annual sidewalk program

• $500,000 for annual water line improvements

• $30,000 for half-ton pickup truck to replace 1997 Ford F150 for parks department

• $30,000 to resurface Community Park tennis courts

• $27,000 to resurface senior citizens parking lot

• $20,000 LED upgrades for intersection of Dorset and State Route 718, West Main and Cedar, West Main and Monroe, West Main and Plum

• $73,773 for salaries of nine council members

• $8,783 for council president’s salary

• $23,061 for mayor’s salary, plus $5,150 in city promotional items, $5,050 for mayor’s and manager’s trade mission, and $700 for mileage reimbursement

• $156,230 for director of public service and safety’s salary, plus $12,000 for travel for Europe Trade Mission, training and bond rating.

Proposed expenditures include $2M renovations at Miami Shores

By Melanie Yingst