Police reports

Information provided by the Troy Police Department:

Nov. 3

BUS VS DEER: An incident report was taken for school bus versus deer. Deer was found deceased and given to local farmer. List of student passengers was obtained from the school bus driver.

DRUG ABUSE: Officers were dispatched to 1350 Imperial Court apartment complex to assist the squad with a male who was under the influence of drugs and possibly having a seizure. The male was transported to the hospital. The male was charged with possessing drug abuse instruments.

Nov. 4

ARREST: The Troy Police Department arrested Lindsay Carpenter, 62, of Troy, on a warrant at his employer. An officer located various unmarked pills and two marijuana pipes.

OVERDOSE: An officer responded to a suspected drug overdose at 1210 Brukner Drive at the Royal Inn. The subject charged with inducing panic.

OVERDOSE An officer was dispatched to the 900 block of S. Walnut in reference to a call that was originally a suspicious complaint. Female involved was later found overdosing from heroin on the sidewalk. Female later transported to UVMC. Female charged with inducing panic.

DRUG COMPLAINT: A subject arrested on a warrant at Wishy Washy car wash and was charged with drug abuse and drug paraphernalia

Nov. 5

WARRANTS: Troy Officers arrested a female for multiple warrants at the Royal Inn.

Nov. 6

GO-KARTS GONE: An officer responded to the 200 block of Riverside Drive for a report of a theft. It was determined that someone entered the complainant’s shed and stole two custom built Go-carts.

Nov. 7

SUSPICIOUS: A resident in the 700 block of Maplecrest, reported she was receiving Amazon packages she did not order.

Nov. 9

OVERDOSE AT MCDONALDS: An officer was dispatched to McDonald’s on an assist squad call. A male subject was asleep or unconscious in a black Chevy Cavalier. Upon arriving, the officer observed a male subject standing outside of the vehicle talking to the squad. This male was identified as Gary Stambaugh. Stambaugh stated that he simply fell asleep while waiting for his wife, Lori Stambaugh. Stambaugh stated that Lori Stambaugh went inside McDonalds. With permission to search the vehicle, the officer asked for a second unit to respond while squad checked inside McDonald’s for Lori Stambaugh. The officer was advised by a Troy Fire medic that Lori Stambaugh was passed out in the women’s restroom and there were pills floating in the toilet.

Upon further investigation, Lori Stambaugh admitted to taking Klonopin and she admitted that she did not have a prescription for them. Lori Stambaugh stated that she purposely dumped the remaining pills in the toilet with the intention of flushing them before passing out because she knew the medic had arrived.

The officer advised Lori Stambaugh that she would receive a summons in the mail for tampering with evidence. Lori Stambaugh stated that she needs help with her drug problem as she is a recovering heroin addict.

Nov. 15

PUBLIC INDECENCY: Timothy Brogdon, 54, of Troy, was charged with public indecency after an officer responded to the 800 block of Mulberry Street, on a report of a naked male subject on the front porch. Brogdon was incarcerated.

SUSPICIOUS: An officer responded to the area of 500 block of S. Ridge Ave. for a report of a suspicious incident. A male was arrested on a warrant and issued a minor misdemeanor citation for drug paraphernalia.

DRUG ISSUES: Troy Police officers were dispatched to Terrace Place in reference to a suspicious priority. It was reported that an unfamiliar vehicle was in the alley blocking traffic. The reporting party reported that two subjects went to a known drug house in the area. The vehicle was located displaying plates that belonged to another vehicle and a traffic stop was initiated. Drugs and paraphernalia were located and the subjects were issued citations for various offenses.

FIRE: An officer responded to 623 S. Clay St. in reference to a structure fire. Officers were told there were still people inside various apartments. Once inside the building, the halls were filled with smoke. All officers began locating tenants and getting them outside the building. Officers found several locked apartment doors. Each door located, officers forced open. Officers went inside each room to make sure all occupants were out of the building. Once all individuals were out of the building, Troy Fire had arrived. Troy Police provided crowd and street security until Troy Fire cleared the scene.

Nov. 16

ACCIDENT: At three vehicle accident was reported at Barnhart Road and Fenner Road.

Nov. 17

WARRANT: A deputy was dispatched to 1475 W. Market Street at the Speedway in reference to a theft in progress. Ptl. Marker located the suspect vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. The suspect was arrested for theft and possession of drug abuse instruments. The driver of the vehicle was arrested on an outstanding warrant.

CCW: Troy Police officers arrested Frederick Richardson, 20, of Troy, at the Dorset Shell Station for allegedly concealing a large knife. He was charged and incarcerated.