Park board reviews ad request

Company seeks to place ads on golf carts; no action taken

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy’s board of park commissioners fielded a presentation about advertising on the city’s golf carts at its first meeting of 2018 on Tuesday.

President Alan Kappers was not present at the meeting.

Steven Feaster, President of Golf Course Asset Marketing, presented information about adding logos to the city’s golf carts as a possible revenue source for Miami Shores Golf Course.

Feaster said Kettering Health Network, one of his clients, asked him to approach the park board to consider advertising on the city’s golf carts. Other clients can participate and the revenue is shared with the course.

“Since they are building the hospital, they most definitely want to make a big splash and this is a way,” Feaster said. Feaster said he has just recently signed a contract with the city of Dayton and has sold advertising for 30 percent of the carts the city owns.

Feaster said companies are looking for ways to expand their reach and they like the idea of advertising through the sport of golf due to its demographic.

Sue Knight asked Feaster to provide a draft copy of the proposed contract for law director’s review and for further review.

Feaster said the advertiser pays $70 per month, per cart and his company keeps a percentage around 30 percent depending on the length of the contract. A minimum of three month contract is offered and includes three logo decal stickers, which he explained leaves no residue. The advertising would be from May 1 through Oct. 31.

Commissioner Levi Fox explained to Feaster the board was in the middle of hiring a new course director due to Ken Green’s retirement. Fox said once the new golf director was appointed, more consideration for advertising on the course would be reviewed.

Green said the course rotates carts and asked if the course was obligated to place the carts out each day.

Feaster said the advertising company would not interfere with maintenance schedule.

Fox said they would consider Feaster’s proposal as they continued the hiring process of the new course director.

In other news:

The board of park commissioners approved the list of events for Prouty Plaza for 2018. Events include the Troy City Schools’ picnic on the plaza performances at 11:45 a.m. May 21-23 through 2018’s Holiday schedule. Sue Knight noted there may be additions and other special requests for park board such as the sale of alcohol at Treasure Island events which would need board approval throughout the year.

Ken Siler reported the Hobart Arena staff have been “terribly busy” with events and additional public skating sessions. Siler also said picnic shelter reservations were now open for the 2018 season. Shelters are able to be reserved from April 1 through Oct. 31 and can only be reserved for the current calendar year. All shelter reservations are free of charge. Reservations can be made online at or at the office at Hobart Arena.

The board also approved to reappoint Gary Weaver and Rick Szabo to the Miami Shores Golf Advisory board for another three year term.

In other news:

The parks department report stated it had serviced and repaired snow removal equipment, finished fall clean-up, removed 15 dead and dying street trees in Community Park and Riverside Cemetery, planted 11 replacement trees on the levee and in Community Park, and completed improvements to the Duke Park baseball/softball announcement booth.

Company seeks to place ads on golf carts; no action taken

By Melanie Yingst