Trustees review tall grass policy

CONCORD TWP. — On Tuesday, a resident of Concord Township asked if the township’s enforcement of tall grass and noxious weeds applied to large, open fields.

Richard Brinkman, a farmer who resides on Forest Hill Road, asked trustees what could be done when large fields go unattended due to housing projects being developed.

Brinkman said he was concerned with the unplowed lots located on McCurdy and Washington roads which abut to fields where he farms.

“There’s awful lot of big, tall weeds left to go to seed there last year and I noticed it this year. I farm the property to the south,” Brinkman said. “I’m concerned about that because I don’t want them blowing over into my field. I got enough weeds.”

Brinkman said he was most concerned about Mare’s Tail going to seed which is Round-up resistant.

Trustee Tom Mercer said he appreciated the information and would check into the matter along with the residential property maintenance issues.

Mercer said the township has had nine properties to date that have been identified and inspected. Mercer said the majority of people have mowed the property, but have notified two property owners on Swailes Road and one on McKaig Road.

Mercer said he has not heard from the sheriff’s department in reference in assisting township officials in serving official notice of the their property issues.

Mercer also said he has written assistant prosecutor Chris Englert for guidance on the township’s proposed increase in mowing fees and administrative fees and is waiting to hear back from the office.

Brinkman also requested trees be trimmed back on Lodge Road near the township line of Newton Township. Brinkman said he is unable to move farm equipment on the road.

In other news:

The township ditches have been treated by Tru-Quality. Staff is currently cleaning catch basins around the township.

A ditch petition near the old township building on State Route 718 has been filed with the county.

Mercer said the Lakeshore residents have refiled their ditch petition with the county.

Trustee Don Pence said the township was visited by their insurance group for a safety review for the township’s practices and procedures.

Suggestions included: a review of the signage in the township, continue to conduct maintenance and inspection logs of the township vehicles and record retention programs.

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