Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

Sept. 8

ANIMAL ISSUE: A resident in the 7400 block of Bard Road, Tipp City, called and reported a large dog stuck in her pond. Deputies were able to get a rope around the dogs neck. The officers then got him out of the pond and up on the bank.

The dog was a brindle boxer and appeared to be older. The Shelter also responded and took

control of the dog. I drove around the area and located the owner, Jacqueline Bushchur. The Shelter brought the dog to to the owner’s location and returned him to his owner. She was warned for failure to confine.

CRASH COW: A subject was issued a citation for animals running at large, after his cow was struck on the roadway by the listed vehicle in the area of Iddings Road and State Route 571, Union Twp.

Sept. 9

DRUG POSSESSION: A deputy conducted a traffic stop in the area of Peterson Road and N. County Road 25-A, Washington Twp. The driver of the vehicle then gave me consent to search the vehicle. During the search, two pipes and a cigarette box containing two small bags of what the driver described as “meth” were located.

Sept. 10

SUSPICIOUS: A deputy responded to the area on a report of an unknown white male walking onto the property in the 9000 block of Wildcat Rd, Tipp City. The caller advised the male spoke to her through her kitchen window, claiming Zombies were after him. The unidentified male could not be located.

Sept. 11

HORSE ISSUE: A deputy responded to the area of Mote and Baker Road, Union Twp. in reference to an animal complaint. The deputy observed a horse loose in a field. The horse returned back into the fenced in area, then came back out and entered the roadway.

BUS STOP ISSUE: A deputy responded to the 500 block of Barnhart Road, Concord Twp. for a reckless operation complaint. The deputy made contact with a Stephanie Warner, who was the bus driver during this incident. The deputy was provided with the report of violation of school bus red lights report. The report had the listed vehicle information. Michael Yager was cited for the offense.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: A deputy responded to Covington Police Department in reference to a criminal damaging

complaint. The complainant advised his vehicle had been intentionally damaged. He was uncertain where and when the incident had occurred, and there were no suspects. He also advised there had been an additional incident which appeared to target his property, but had not caused damage. He requested documentation in case of continued issues.

OVI: Keith Adams, 51, of Tipp City, was cited for OVI at State Route 201 and U.S. 40 in Bethel Twp.

Sept. 12

SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY: A resident in the 3600 block of Shiloh Road in Union Township advised that a newer teal Dodge Grand Caravan pulled up at the end of her driveway this morning. She stated her kids were standing outside waiting for the bus. She

heard the occupants of the vehicle speak to her kids. She advised one male subject stated “hey come here” and did not see her by her vehicle parked by the garage. When she asked if she could help them the vehicle sped off quickly. She advised there was an older Caucasian male with a beard driving and older Caucasian female passenger. She stated there was a

Hispanic male in the back passenger seat in his thirties. She was not able to obtain a license plate number.

Last night her husband reported the same vehicle driving in the area. They are requesting extra checks in the area and were advised to call if the van returns.

OVERDOSE: A deputy was dispatched to the 3700 block of Burton Rd. Casstown on the report of an overdose. This case is pending results from the Miami Valley Regional Crime Lab.

CHILD ABUSE: A deputy responded to the 7700 block of N. Alcony Conover Rd. in regards to a child abuse complaint. Children Services was called out to the scene to open an investigation. Charges are pending at this time.

Sept. 13

POT IN THE PARK: While patrolling the trails at Hobart Preserve, a deputy could smell an odor of marijuana coming from two individuals. The deputy stopped the two and asked them what they had been smoking, which they replied they had finished and only had a roach left. Both individuals were ID and warned for smoking marijuana in the park. The roach was disposed of on scene.

JAIL ISSUE: A deputy was called to the Miami County Incarceration Facility to investigate a drug offense.

BUS STOP: A deputy responded to the Troy City School bus garage on a report of a vehicle running the red stop lights on S. County Road 25A at Swailes. Contact was attempted with the suspect who was not home at that time.

Sept. 14

ANIMAL ISSUE: A deputy was dispatched to the area of Mote and Baker roads on a report of a horse in the roadway. The deputy observed a brown and white horse roaming outside a fence near the roadway. From past calls in this area, the deputy was able to identify the horse and property to be that of Tawnie Gerken. At that time the horse was not on Mrs. Gerken’s property. The horse then walked back onto Gerken’s property and into the fenced in area. The fencing that is being used to contain Gerken’s two horses is in a bad state and needs immediate repair in order to contain the animals. The deputy discovered at least seven calls on Gerken’s horses in the past month. The deputy talked with her son about his mother’s animals at the Mote Road address. The son did confirm at that time that the horses still belonged to Tawnie. He was provided a business card to give to his mother and informed him to tell her that a deputy needed to talk to her about this incident. He was also told that they needed to go tend to all the animals at the Mote Road address to ensure their health and safety. The deputy will make contact with Mrs. Gerken at a later time where she will be cited for having animals at large.

FRAUD: A Houston resident advised she has currently separated from her husband and in the process of a divorce. She advised her husband has been attempting to open credit cards and take out loans in her name. She requested the incident be documented.

TRASH ISSUE: A Fletcher resident advised the residence behind him has a large amount of trash piled up behind the house in the alley. The residence with the trash is 112 E 1st St. A deputy attempted contact with the resident of this address and no one would answer the door. The reporting party requested the incident documented and he would have a letter sent to the resident advising them of the city ordinance for excessive trash on a resident’s property.