Troy Police Department reports

Nov. 15

BUS STOP VIOLATION: An officer cited Lucas Hall, 37, of Bradford, for failure to stop for a school bus at State Route 718 and Meadow Bridge Way.

FORGERY: An officer cited Sherrita Lonstreath, 43, of Troy, with fifth degree felony forgery.

Nov. 16

DRUG POSSESSION: Whitney Smith, 27, of Dayton was charged with drug possession in the area of West Main Street and Westbrook Lane.

PLATES: An officer cited Alysha Mesojednik, 25, Piqua, for fictitious plates.

DRUG POSSESSION: An officer charged Matthew Pizzo, 29, of Troy, was charged with drug abuse instrument possession.

Nov. 17

OVI: An officer charged Faith Lewis, 19, of Huber Heights, with OVI of 0.95 BAC, offenses involving underage persons, possession of drugs and headlight illumination requirements. The incident occurred in the area of S. Market Street and Dye Mill Road.

BURGLARY: An officer arrested Shawn Jordan, 34, of Troy, was charged with fourth degree felony burglary in the 400 block of Michigan Avenue in Troy.

OPEN CONTAINER: Clayton Northern, 19, of Huber Heights, was cited for open container and offenses involving underage persons.

Nov. 18

INDUCING PANIC: Matthew Maier, 34, of Covington, was cited for inducing panic.

Nov. 19

FRAUD: An officer responded to the Sprint store on a report of a fraudulent account being opened.

THEFT: Lisa Heitbrink, 55, of Troy, was charge with theft following a report of theft of services in the 700 block of S. Stanfield Road.

Nov. 21

POSSESSION: William Kacisz, 35, at-large, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

DRUGS: Robert Rudisill, 24, of Troy, was charged with drug possession and drug paraphernalia.