Too many school delays, closings

To the Editor:

I am writing to address the fact that our children are losing precious learning time to delays/school closures.

Today, Troy started with a two-hour delay, and then by 9 a.m., school was canceled. This is beyond baffling to me, as yards aren’t even completely covered by snow and the streets are clear. Do the superintendent and transportation director not understand that private schools, preschools, and other programs follow their lead, so if TCS closes, so does everyone else? And today we’re closed because of a few slick spots west of town? How ridiculous!

Closings should be employed only when absolutely necessary, such as when main thoroughfares are completely impassable. In addition, most parents I know are responsible, intelligent people who can look at a weather report, plan for the drive, and pull out the coats, hats, gloves, etc.

I think it sends the wrong idea that every time something is at all difficult, we just don’t do it, or we make it later. I also wonder what difference two hours really makes. Will it be that much warmer? We live in Ohio, for heaven’s sake! Yes, it can get cold here. Yes, we can get snow and ice. Suck it up! Get those snow plows and salt trucks on the roads when the forecast calls for inclement weather. Let’s pull on our boots and coats and get it together.

If parents don’t want their kids to attend, then they can keep them home. It’s called responsibility. Let’s have some, and let’s teach some.

— Laura Schulze