Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

March 1

CRIMINAL DAMAGE: A woman reported her ex-husband’s RV was struck by a bullet when it was stored at the Best Storage facility in the 9100 block of State Route 201, Bethel Twp. The bullet entered the driver’s side near the rear of the camper and broke the medicine cabinet’s mirror and other damage. The bullet was recovered.

March 2

THEFT: A deputy was dispatched to the 300 block of Taylor St. in Bradford in reference to a theft complaint.

JUVENILE INCIDENT: Deputies responded to the 1000 block of N. County Road 25-A, Troy, to assist Troy medics.

A female juvenile had called and advised she had smoked marijuana and believed she was overdosing. The female was transported to Upper Valley Medical Center for treatment. A male juvenile who was also at the residence was taken to the Sheriff’s Office to wait for a ride. Both juveniles’ guardians were contacted and made aware of the situation.

March 3

TRESPASSING: A deputy was dispatched to the Piqua Fish and Game in reference a male at the business refusing to leave and cause problems at the bar. At the conclusion of the investigation, the male subject left without incident and was trespassed from the property.

NEIGHBOR ISSUE: The reporting party in the area of 5900 block of Piqua Clayton Road, Washington Twp. advised they were upset with their neighbor. They stated he shot three shots over the pasture where they keep their livestock. They stated the neighbor yelled “coyotes” then went back inside. The deputy asked if their livestock was in the pasture when he shot across it. They advised no because they were in the barn for morning feeding. The deputy advised them that their neighbor had not violated any laws by shooting on his own property in a direction where there were no people or livestock. They requested the deputy give the neighbor their number and asked that he call them before shooting. The deputy stated they could relay the message but their neighbor did not have to notify them before shooting. The deputy was not able to make contact with the neighbor at his residence.

HARASSMENT: A Newberry Twp. resident reported he received several unwanted text pictures from (redacted phone number). The pictures were of a male subject standing next to an apparently deceased male in a hospital-like/funeral home setting. The reporting party said that he did not know who this number belonged to and did not know the two males in the picture. The reporting party said he did call the number and a male told him that he sent the texts to his phone number in error. The reporting party said he then deleted the pictures from his phone and a short while later another picture came to his phone from the same number that was like the others. This picture was emailed to the deputy by the reporting party. The deputy then called the number, identified himself as a deputy and talked to a male that was uncooperative and hung up the phone. After reconnecting with him, he was warned against any more contact with the reporting party and was advised he will be charge accordingly if his actions continue. The male did advised the deputy in the short conversation the picture was of him and his recently deceased son. Soon after this the male hung up the phone again. The reporting party was advised of this information by the deputy and instructed to block the number and to call 911 if there is any further interaction with the individual.