Miami County Sheriff’s Office reports

Information filed by Miami County Sheriff’s Office:

March 26

SCHOOL ISSUE: A Newton High School principal informed the SRO of two students who have been harassing each other via telephone and social media.

March 27

ASSIST CITIZEN: A deputy responded to Upper Valley Medical Canter for a disorderly subject. Upon arrival the deputy was advised that a Kyra Milton was a sleep in a ER room with her son. Nursing staff advised she keeps nodding off. The deputy spoke with Kyra and informed her of the nursing staff’s concern. She requested a field sobriety test. A test was conducted and the deputy determined she should not be able to operate a motor vehicle. The deputy requested for Kyra let him take her and her son home, to avoid a accident or future charges. Kyra agreed with the request. The deputy transported Kyra and her son to her address on Elm Street. Vehicle was left at Upper Valley Medical Center.

March 28

SCHOOL ISSUE: A teacher found a plastic pellet gun in a book bag of a student when they were getting ready for a field trip and at the beginning of the day at Miami East Elementary and Junior High School.

March 29

DOG ISSUE: A deputy was advised by Deputy Stephenson that a Golden Retriever was running loose in the area of Mckaig and Ridge avenues in Troy. They located the dog in the alley. While loading the dog in a cruiser, the owner pulled up. He was identified as, Christopher Suber and advised he had been out looking for the dog. Suber had no previous complaints and was given a warning. The dog was properly licensed.

SCHOOL ISSUE: A deputy was working Miami East School detail when a student approached about receiving unwanted text messages from an unknown individual. The individual was contacted and informed to stop sending the text messages.

MENTAL HEALTH: A deputy was dispatched to the 8000 block of State Route 36 in Lena on a disorderly subject walking in the roadway and obstructing traffic. After further investigation it was found that the individual was suffering from mental health issues and transported to Upper Valley Medical Center.