Council reviews loans, levy requests

Park levy millage and marina loans on agenda

By Melanie Yingst -

TROY — Troy City Council will consider approving loans for the Treasure Island Park marina building’s new occupants as well as a consider a request for the county auditor to certify millage for a park levy at a regular meeting at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

R-26-2017 Request County Auditor to certify millage for funding levy for park and recreation

Members of the parks and recreation committee recommended a request to the Miami County Auditor to provide the necessary certification identifying the millage required to generate $1 million in revenues per year for 10 years. If the request is approved by council, the committee will meet again on whether or not to recommend the levy to proceed on the November 8 ballot. The proposal for the levy was made by an organization called “Operation Recreation 2020” who has also pledged to raising $4 million in private donations and possible grants as part of its “public/private endeavor.” The donations and possible levy funds would finance the proposed $11.2 million in proposed improvements to Duke Park, $1.5 million at Miami Shores Golf Course and $100,000 in work at the Troy Senior Citizens Center. The resolution is considered an emergency.

Council will also consider two small business development loan requests by the newly signed lease holders of the Treasure Island Park marina building.

Ron and Larry Smith have requested $152,300 from small business development loan fund for the Smith’s Boathouse Restaurant.

The proposal includes a clause based on the restaurant’s liquor license request for building alterations and equipment costs, which would stay with the building. The equipment includes fire suppression, kitchen equipment and fixtures for a debt reduction of up to $49,900. If the state liquor control would happen to deny its liquor license request, “the business would not go forward and would suffer a loss of funds they already would have invested in the building alterations…” The loan principal of $152,300 (including closing fee) would have a repayment period of 10 years. Other terms of the loan request includes 1 percent interest-only payments for the first six months; 3 percent interest only payments for the second six months; 3 percent interest and principal payments thereafter. Collateral includes a lien on all business assets and personal guarantees which also includes the Greentech business.

Chris Jackson has requested $26,000 small business loan fund for new watercraft and shuttle equipment for the Adventures on the Great Miami business below the marina.

The following is a list of other resolutions and ordinances on Monday’s agenda:

R-21-2016 Authorize application for CDBG projects for project year 2016 First Reading

Council will review the Community Development Allocation Grant Program 2016 in the amount of $150,000. This includes $75,000 that was allowed to be held over from 2015. The fund requests include: $10,000 Lincoln Community Center swimming pool access device installation; $40,000 Treasure Island universal accessibility dock installation;$85,000 sidewalk street corner accessibility ramp installations in East Troy; $3,000 Fair Housing Program; $12,000 General Administration for $150,000 total.

R-22-2016 Authorize agreement with AFSCME bargaining unit for 2016-2018 Emergency. First Reading.

R-23-2016 Authorize agreement with AFSCME Park bargaining unit for 2016-2018 Emergency. First Reading


O-20-2016 Zoning of Trader Annexation, Inlots 10578 & 10579, from County zoning of A-2, General 3rd Reading Agriculture to City zoning A, Agricultural District

O-21-2016 Zoning of Cheney Annexation, Inlot 10574 from County zoning of R-1AAA, Single-Family, 3rd Reading to City zoning of M-2, Light Industrial District

O-22-2016 Rezoning of IL 9678 from M-2, Light Industrial District, and B-2, General Business District, 3rd Reading to the single zoning of B-2, General Business District

O-27-2016 Salary Ordinance, AFSCME represented employees for 2016-2018 Emergency First Reading

O-28-2016 Rezone part of IL 39 (16 S. Short St.) from B-2, General Business District, to R-5, Single Family Residence District First Reading PUBLIC HEARING 5-16-2016

O-29-2016 Rezone IL 8661 (532 Grant St./619 Lincoln Ave.) from M-2, Light industrial District, to OR-1, Office Residential District First Reading. PUBLIC HEARING 5-16-2016

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Park levy millage and marina loans on agenda

By Melanie Yingst

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews

Reach Melanie Yingst at or follow her on Twitter @Troydailynews